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About us

The best ideas arise when you combine creativity with the desire to innovate, and this is how Wonest came about, as the union of Albenture, Más Vida Red and Easylife, i.e. companies with over 20 years of experience in the wellbeing solutions market.

People who help people

We are a great team of people who help people because we believe that life is easier and better when you are accompanied and have a professional and expert team ready to help you.

Memorable experiences

Using our knowledge and experience and putting passion into our work, we turn meaningful moments into memorable experiences, making you and the people your organisation connects with more enjoyable, happier and more successful.

Wonest worldwide

We are now present in 7 countries: Spain, Portugal, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Panama, working for 150 of the top companies in the world.

What makes us unique?

We are committed

It is easier to find solutions when we understand where the problem arises. We listen, we put ourselves in your shoes and we respect everything you say. In that way, we use our experience to develop the right solutions which are unique to each situation, generating positive emotions among people.

We are honest

We live by what we think and feel. We are consistent, our actions reflect who we are, and we never promise what we cannot achieve. We acknowledge our mistakes and continually improve to always give you the best solution.

We are resourceful

We are fast and proactive. We look for the best ways to solve your requirements and we are constantly seeking new ways of doing things. We are persistent and flexible and we devote all our efforts to taking care of the people who share a bond with your organisation so that they take care of your business.

We are passionate

We have the vocation to help others. We are passionate about what we do and we want people to be well in order to live better. We are enthusiastic and daring, we exhaust our resources and we improve ourselves every day to seek solutions for you.