Life Experience Plan

Your employees are supported and accompanied throughout the employee journey at the organisation.

What is it?

A complete wellbeing programme that helps your employees and their families to solve everyday problems, manage vital situations, celebrate their joys, increase their loyalty to your organisation and reinforce your employer brand by empowering your professionals.

How does this boost people's happiness?

This provides personalised, integrated and continuous professional support at all stages of their lives. Our network of professionals manages, accompanies and advises on the 5 pillars of wellbeing.
Psychologists, life coaches, nutritionists and physiotherapists look after your employees' physical and mental health.
Financial education, tax management, personalised advice and the possibility of benefiting from the best financial conditions on products such as mortgages. Good financial health is essential for happiness and productivity.
We take care of everything related to the care of your relatives and the enjoyment of your home. Carers, schools, residences, cleaning and other resources that make your daily life greater.

We provide clear guidance on laws and regulations (except labor and commercial), helping you understand and handle your tax obligations, and guiding you in social aspects such as support in volunteering programs. We're here to ease every step of the way in these critical areas.

All people must be masters of their time. That is why our experts can advise you free of charge or carry out more than 100 procedures and formalities with public and private institutions.

How does this boost the organisation?

It boosts…

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