Solution Point

We create a unique physical space in your office to help your employees in their daily tasks and gain quality free time.

What is it?

A Solution Point is a unique space in your premises where experts manage delegable tasks on behalf of the employees who makes the request, so that they do not have to take time off work or devote their free time to this. From digital lockers to a center with a broad range of services at your convenience, we create an ally near you with what you need.


We propose each ALLY NEAR YOU so that it fits your needs. We have different formats that adapt to the needs of your organization:

Intelligent lockers for the collection and safekeeping of parcels as well as for errands.

A Wonest person physically located at your organisation's premises to provide a maximum proximity service to your employees.

It can include and combine a supermarket, hairdresser, pharmacy, dry cleaner, snack bar, agency, errand shop, tailor/shirt shop, and other services close to you and your employees.

Periodic campaigns where Wonest experts will come to your premises to carry out actions that deliver timely and quality information (examples: income tax campaign, legal advice, travel advisors, etc.).

How does this boost people's happiness?

Now they can do this at their workplace quickly and easily, helping them to find the physical and mental balance that is so important.

How does this boost the organisation?

It boosts…

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